Bug Report Template

Bug Report Surveys can be great to better understand how you can help your customers, and allow you to act accordingly to grow your business.

Keep reading to learn how to build and to use Bug Report Surveys effectively.

Did you discover a bug?

Please let us know what happened

Bug Report Surveys Use Case

Gather feedback from users who have experienced a bug or technical issue.

When to Use Bug Report Surveys

Trigger on a button click

Bug Report Surveys Questions

Here are some example questions you can use to build your own Bug Report Surveys.

Did you discover a bug?

Format: Text / Form

Answer Options

Text field for the respondee to express the response freely

Thank you, we will let you know once this is resolved!

Format: Message

This question is purely informational and does not require a response

Bug Report Surveys with Survser

If you are looking to add Bug Report Surveys to your digital product or website, Survser can help you get started in minutes.